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Team Building

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Team building is a systemic process where individuals work together in a well-coordinated and cooperative way turning into a cohesive team in order to achieve common goal. Team work is crucial for the success of a business. With team building skills, knowledge, talent and creativity of different individuals are blended together to get the best out of them.

Effective team building enhances working relationship between individuals, improves cooperation and as a result, produces better results, improves productivity, boosts morale and overall motivates team.

Why team building is important to have a great business team in small businesses?

Assume you have a small business of 20 people making doors for builders, merchant and home owners.

1. Accomplishing a task and solving problems:


Your team is assigned with a task of making 500 doors this week. So, this task needs to be clearly communicated among the production team. Here, your team is facing a complex target and requires collaboration to solve difficult problems. Also, brainstorming to exchange ideas can bring creativity and find the best way to deliver on time. Like, clear duties can be assigned to employees, one person needs to inform other if they wait for them to finish their task, team can be shuffled depending upon their capabilities to get better results and identify if employees have any personal problems, home issues.


2. Generates new ideas:


Your team needs fresh ideas for making 500 doors this week. The more diverse your team will be, higher will be number of ideas generated by them and many possibilities can be considered to make a decision instead of a just relying on an individual idea.


3. Improves communication:


Team building helps in open communication, and between your production, marketing, administration and management. This further improves quality of overall task. Like, the production is booked for this week and any new orders should be scheduled next week and this needs to be communicated to clients and marketing, office administration and management.


4. Motivates employees and builds confidence:


As your employees share new ideas to achieve this task, they will feel valued when any of their idea starts producing results. This helps in improving their confidence, builds trust with others, get motivated to contribute more and get ready to take new challenges.


5. Open to take risks:


Team building can create confidence for employees to take more risks and aim for higher targets, but these are measured with consequences. This helps in grabbing the opportunity right on time rather than what an Individual would do.


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Saurav Wadhwa

Saurav Wadhwa is the Managing Director of IBBZ Accounting. IBBZ Accounting is one of the finest tax consulting firm based in Auckland, New Zealand. IBBZ Accounting has multiple business awards. 
Saurav Wadhwa is Masters in Taxation and Post Graduate in Law. Has dual membership with New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants and CPA Australia. He has a passion for Helping New Zealand Businesses. 


Awards and Recognition


As of Aug 2020 total number of 115 businesses saved from tax debt associated problems. Their written testimonials and Google Reviews provides authenticity of these numbers.

2019 IBBZ Accounting was Finalist in two categories: Excellence in Customer Service and Excellence in Business Planning. Westpac Auckland Business Awards

2018 IBBZ Accounting was Finalist in Westpac Auckland Business Awards: Strategy and Business Planning 2018.

2017 Saurav was appointed as a committee member to New Zealand Public Practice Board of CPA Australia. 

2015 Saurav won the award of Best Accountant of the Year.

2014 IBBZ Accounting won the award of Best Small Business 2014. 


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Sunday Star Times -Fairfax Media -12-08-2018

InTheBlack Aug 2018 issue - CPA Australia In Practice Publication 


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