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Policy statement

At IBBZ we value our customers’ feedback. We are committed to ensuring customers receive best possible experience with us. We will take their complaints seriously, work with them to resolve the issue, and will use their comments as an opportunity to learn and improve our services.

Three level of complaint

Level 1 – customer express dissatisfaction or raised an issue which is dealt by front line staff

• Understand the problem – Let the customer speak without interrupting, note the important facts, and repeat them to be sure you got it right. “Just to confirm, you want to receive a refund, right?”

• Identify the cause – Find out what the customer did, review what should have happened, and isolate the problem. Identifying the cause often means accepting that IBBZ, not the customer, is responsible for the problem. “You asked for tax advisory on the USA Tax that our website says works with some clients. You should have been able to use this as NZ tax resident who have income in the USA and need our assistance with NZ taxes, but the literature on the website must be mistaken, because this service is not compatible with your needs.”

• Propose solutions – First ask the customer for ideas. If he or she has a clear idea of how they want the situation resolved, either agree or work with them to finalize a plan that works for the customer and IBBZ.

• Solve the problem – Take corrective action and ask the customer if they are pleased with the way the problem was resolved. Apologize for the trouble and ideally, offer the customer something as compensation for their trouble.


Level 2 – If immediate resolution is not possible a complaint is raised with the director. Response time of which is 48 hours.


Level 3 - If customer is not happy with the response, the complaint is escalated to the CEO. Response time 7 days.

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