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Tax audit help


Problem: In case you are facing an IRD audit on your tax affair. One advice for you is that it is very dangerous for the taxpayer to handle a tax audit alone without any representation. Facing an audit from the IRD is very stressful and headache. Thus, we are here to help you to get through the hard time with the best result.


Solution: IBBZ accounting provides tax audit representation service that aim to help taxpayers who face an IRD audit. Our approach is that we study your business, assess the situation prior to the audit and we provide documentation required by the IRD on behalf of the client. We will make sure that our client does not have to face the IRD alone. The objective of us in the audit is that we will provide the IRD with documentation in the audit and we are trying to reduce the penalties and taxes to a more reasonable amount. We also help to remove stress and anxiety of the taxpayer in the audit.


When client approached us this business was under IRD’s audit for the last five years. They did not have a good bookkeeping system nor a good accountant. They were not able answer IRD’s questions during the audit process. After reviewing the business, we decided to redo the bookkeeping and filed revised tax returns for most of the tax periods. We represented them during the audit process and answered the question of IRD tax investigators. Today, we manage their ongoing bookkeeping and tax returns, and curently they are more successful and manageable business.

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