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Saurav Wadhwa

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The purpose of this policy is to have clear guidelines on how to deal with the clients to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.


• Initial consultation is conducted with the client by a qualified accountant.
• After initial assessment is completed. Before any work is commenced, have client engagement in place, which is signed by the client. A copy of the client engagement is provided to the client.
• Ensure appropriate commitment is made to the client.
• Ensure client is informed about the payment structure, appropriate professional fees and timelines to complete the job.
• Ensure client has details of relevant people responsible for doing the job.
• Creating and maintaining client files all times.


• Deliver on time every time, take complete ownership and responsibility of the assigned job.
• Be punctual for all meetings and appointments. Do what we say.
• Answer client questions/concerns and provide update to the client of job status.
• Make notes in the workflowmax each time we communicate with the client. Update job notes each time a contact is made as the job progress.
• Do not file tax return unless appropriate signatures are obtained, and signed copy is saved in the job.
• Treat each client fairly with dignity and courtesy.
• Build and develop relationship with the client.
• Complete small jobs with in 7 days and large jobs within 28 days of receiving all information.
• Retuning client queries as soon as possible.
• Provide regular updates to the client.
• Inform and prepare client in advance for any upcoming issues
• Ensure each client is assigned to a primary contact.


• Check emails regularly throughout the business day.
• Aim to reply within in 24 hours.
• If a detailed response is required provide within 5 days.
• Communicate clearly.


• Ensure log of all incoming calls are recorded in a phone system. Before transferring the phone call to a specific person, brief that person with the information before transferring the call.
• If the specific staff member is not available to answer the call, ask the caller to give an appropriate time to call back, and pass the information to that staff member.


• Ensure client files are maintained in Workflowmax, including latest contact information.
• Setup appropriate relationship between clients, associated person and entities.
• All active jobs must be recorded in workflowmax at client level.
• Ensure client info is current and correct.
• Record specific client instructions into their respective files.


• A proper invoice is always issued.
• A reasonable quote is provided to the client. Once accepted it must be acknowledged by the client.
• All new clients are billed 50% fees in advance and balance on completion.
• Ensure clients have understood and agreed with our professional fee.


• All client information is received from the client. Where information is received in the paper format, information is scanned, and the original is returned to the client.
• Protect client’s confidentiality and do not disclose client’s personal information.
• Always be open, honest and truthful to client.
• Do not get involved in the conflict of interest situation.
• Ensure client has provided us the best available information.


• Ensure employees are trained to do their respective jobs in a professional manner.
• Only take the jobs where we have experience and capacity to complete the work in the allocated timeframe.
• Ensure staff is learning and developing new skills. Make funds and time available for their CPD (continuing professional development.)
• Ensure each staff understand IBBZ Policies and Procedure. Including Quality Control while working on client files.
• Keep client request the top priority. Great focus on client needs.
• Ensure email is the mode of communication so that it can be traced.
• Be polite and friendly with clients, be able to understand their needs.
• Always ensure correct information is provided to the client. Tax advice is only provided by the registered qualified accountant.
• Use of out of office to ensure clients can contact the other person.
• After hours mobile phone. Over the weekend client can contact us if the need arises via mobile phone.
• The “out of office” feature of outlook should be used when staff are on leave. Include details of another person for the client to contact during any absence.
• Ensure more than one person knows about the job, so if a person responsible for job is out of office the next available person and complete the job.


• Conduct annual client survey to receive feedback.
• Encourage clients to provide us reviews. Using paper-based client testimonials or Google Reviews or a web based on form on our website.
• Deal with the negative feedback. Get in touch with the customer and understand their issue, offer resolution.
• Deal with the customer complaint and follow customer complaint policy.


Policy statement

At IBBZ we value our customers’ feedback. We are committed to ensuring customers receive best possible experience with us. We will take their complaints seriously, work with them to resolve the issue, and will use their comments as an opportunity to learn and improve our services.

Three level of complaint

Level 1 – customer express dissatisfaction or raised an issue which is dealt by front line staff

• Understand the problem – Let the customer speak without interrupting, note the important facts, and repeat them to be sure you got it right. “Just to confirm, you want to receive a refund, right?”

• Identify the cause – Find out what the customer did, review what should have happened, and isolate the problem. Identifying the cause often means accepting that IBBZ, not the customer, is responsible for the problem. “You asked for tax advisory on the USA Tax that our website says works with some clients. You should have been able to use this as NZ tax resident who have income in the USA and need our assistance with NZ taxes, but the literature on the website must be mistaken, because this service is not compatible with your needs.”

• Propose solutions – First ask the customer for ideas. If he or she has a clear idea of how they want the situation resolved, either agree or work with them to finalize a plan that works for the customer and IBBZ.

• Solve the problem – Take corrective action and ask the customer if they are pleased with the way the problem was resolved. Apologize for the trouble and ideally, offer the customer something as compensation for their trouble.


Level 2 – If immediate resolution is not possible a complaint is raised with the director. Response time of which is 48 hours.


Level 3 - If customer is not happy with the response, the complaint is escalated to the CEO. Response time 7 days.

IBBZ Accounting Finalist Auckland Business Awards: Strategy and Business Planning 2018


The Westpac Auckland Business Awards are delivered annually by Auckland Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED).

IBBZ Accounting was Finalist in Award Category of Strategy and Business Planning 2018.

Our business process, strategy, and planning functions were admired by the judges. We follow similar approach on our clients businesses. We have lot of focus on helping our clients building and protecting wealth. We believe net assets of business owners is very important. Book your consultation today with Saurav Wadhwa to go over your business planning and wealth generation session. 


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Saurav Wadhwa Best Accountant of the Year 2015


In the event held at Sky City Convention Centre on 23-11-2015 by Indian Newslink, Saurav Wadhwa was awarded for the "Best Accountant" of the year. The award was sponsored by KPMG. Many parliamentary dignitaries and high profile businesses were present in the ceremony, and we were fortunate to receive the award.

Our innovation, tax specialisation, better processes and open communication with clients were admired by the judges.

We dedicate this award to all our clients and we promise that we will continue to provide great service in the years to come.

Saurav Wadhwa Winner Best Accountant 2


Saurav Wadhwa Winner Best Accountant


 Winner IBA Best Accountant Saurav Wadhwa




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Shane Ross
Source- Google Review
I cannot recommend this company enough. Very professional and efficient. They have help me greatly over the years providing good outcomes. Pricing is really good value for money too. Look forward to doing more business with them in the future. Thanks IBBZ Accounting.
Lisa Minhinnick
Source- Google Review

Hi, Thank you so much to the team at IBBZ for helping me with my tax. I had reached desperation and wasn't making any progress with my accountant, i had been summoned to the high court by IRD and the IBBZ team helped me to seek an adjournment and get the professional help i required to negotiate and settle my debt with IRD in record time! I couldn't believe it!! I am so grateful for their professionalism, accuracy and expertise !! I highly recommend IBBZ !! thank you so much now i can continue to work and have integrity as a NZ citizen!! it feels amazing.
Marcelle Lupton
Source- Google Review

I found IBBZ Accounting LTD to be very very helpful, i dealt with all my tax issues very well with inland revenue.
i would not hesitate to use them again.
if you are looking for a good company to help with all your tx issues, look no further. they are great.