IBBZ Accounting

Chartered Accountants & Tax Specialist


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*Required information.
Financial year

1. Home Office Information

Home area (total floor area in square meters)
Office area (total business area in square meters)
Power expense (total for the year)
Insurance (total for the year)
Water expense (total for the year)
Rates (total for the year)
Rent (total for the year)
Phone and internet (total for the year)
Repairs (total for the year)
Interest on mortgage (total for the year)

2. Asset Information

Please attach purchase invoice (asset 1)
Please attach purchase invoice (asset 2)
Please attach purchase invoice (asset 3)
Please attach purchase invoice (asset 4)
Please attach selling agreements (if any)

3. Finance Lease & Loan Information

Please attach loan document (statement 1)
Please attach loan document (statement 2)
Please attach loan document (statement 3)
Please attach loan document (statement 4)
Please attach loan closure statement

4. Employee Information

Number of employees on payroll
Number of shareholder employees
Please attach end-of-year payroll report (showing total wages)

5.Bank Balance

Please attach bank statement as of 31 March (account 1)
Please attach bank statement as of 31 March (account 2)
Please attach bank statement as of 31 March (account 3)
Please attach bank statement as of 31 March (account 4)

6.Other Items

Closing stock as of 31 March
Expenses paid through personal accounts (Please attach transactions)
Interest and dividend certificates
Attach accounts receivable report as of 31 March
Attach accounts payable report as of 31 March