IBBZ Accounting

Chartered Accountants & Tax Specialist


About us

Established in 2008 IBBZ Accounting Chartered Accountants is a multi-disciplined firm that is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality in tax and accounting solutions.

We provide a personalised service and continually seek out new ways of adding value for our clients through innovative ideas and maximising efficiency. IBBZ Accounting unwavering attention to our client’s needs and potential opportunities means we welcome the chance to assist you with your personal or business finances and will exceed your expectations as a valued service provider.

Our style is personal and our outlook progressive. Our experience, enthusiasm and expertise, combined with a forward thinking flexibility, enables us to design and implement creative and profitable solutions for all your accounting needs.

IBBZ Accounting provides a level of service that is truly unique and seeks to build a collaborative relationship with our clients that is based on trust and confidence.

Our Vision

To provide intelligent business building services to our clients through the provision of business and tax knowledge, information technology and strategic thinking. 

Our Values

1. Honest - open communication, reliable, trustworthy..
2. Creative - strategic thinking, process improvement.....
3. Quality - high standard of work, ethical behaviour, professional development....


"I found IBBZ to be very helpful throughout the process of sorting out my tax debt, and would recommend them to anyone I know who are in a similar position as I was."
"IBBZ accounting have helped me and my business out of what looked like an impossible situation. They took over all negotiations with IRD and were able to put together an agreement and payment plan that met the requirements of IRD and that I am able to commit to. At the same time they were able to negotiate some major tax relief that my previous accountant never tried to do. Going forward Saurav and the team have given me a structured process that ensures we never get in trouble again. I can not thank the team enough and recommend them as the first and only call you should make if you are facing IRD issues or just need solid accounting advise. "
"1. Excellent advise on accounting and tax related matters (Specialized Advise).
2. Pro-active and consistent follow up with advise and assistance.
3. Very satisfied with work done and advise provided.
4. Good performance resulted in substantial tax savings.
5. Special gratitude to Saurav and Ravi for their professionalism in advise and performance.
6. Took upon themselves the stress which I would have gone through in my busy schedule."